Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Ratnik Miniatures

 Igor Karpov sculptor and owner of Ratnik miniatures has agreed that I can cast his 18th century figures in metal for resale. Igor is selling these excellent figures in resin and the first set of 10 civilians is on its way to me. By the time I get moulds made etc I think it will be the end of July before we see them available in metal.

They will be sold as a set of 10 figures. 

A second set has also been sculpted and has gone for resin casts and they will be on their way to me soon!

Igor is an excellent sculptor and captures the period really well.

Watch this space for updates.


  1. I know his work for fantasy figures and they are terrific. I really look forward to these 18th Century fellows, it will be well worth the wait.

  2. WOW!!!

    Scale-wish, they are compatible with Richard’s work?

    Great find, Graham. These folks will be very popular.


  3. Bill,
    I’m told they’re slightly larger more akin to Black Hussar but as they’re for vignettes, town scenes etc I’m not too worried

  4. Those collateral targets, errmm, sorry, civilians look smashing. A great addition to the ranges you carry.

  5. These are great looking civvies...will definitely be back to check out their availability!