Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

New figures for release

 Having put this post on my Scotia Albion blog by mistake I apologise and repeat it here!

I’ve just received the latest set of sculpts from Andy Stadden. Designed to accompany Stuart Insch’s next publication there are Indian Labourers ( could also be used as early Sepoys ), British Sepoys, French Sepoys and Havana militia .

Hopefully they should be available in 8-9 weeks.

Comments and suggestions for future sculpts are welcomed


  1. Put me down for some of those.

  2. Some Mughal opposition would be nice .

  3. Perfect for Havana and Manila and of course battles and skirmishes in India itself.

    The Havana militia coys wore similar uniforms to the militia from most Spanish Caribbean possessions and will be good for the AWI as well.

    Can't wait to get some!