Firing line

Firing line

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A big thank you and an important update

First can I say a huge thankyou to customers who have placed orders over the last two weeks ( particularly overseas customers who were in the majority) for a small business where cash flow is everything it means a lot.

I have cleared the majority of the orders and have a few left to complete,  unfortunately a number of codes are now out of stock and Griffin moulds have just informed me that they are closing from today ! So until this pandemic clears there will be no replacement stock.

By the weekend I shall go through the outstanding orders and those I can't complete I will offer partial or full refunds or if you're happy to wait they will be held over.
People are still welcome to place orders but can I ask that you contact me first via e.mail to check on stock etc.

I will be putting out a newsletter as well in case some customers don't pick up off Facebook or the blog.

Keep safe and get painting.


  1. All the best Graham, hope you are up and running fully again soon. I worry that given the age of many of the manufacturers and traders, that we are going to see a real shakeup when this is all over.

    1. Doug,
      Rightly or wrongly I'm less worried about losing a few of us if we're being sensible. But I think quite a few traders etc really run a very tight ship and there will be quite a few go under if this lasts for a serious amount of time

  2. All the best Graham,

    A number of us need to clear a backlog of projects them we can crack on and order more figures when everything clears up


    1. Matt
      I think we all have a metal and plastic mountain that can be 'levelled' during this period - no excuses 😀