Firing line

Firing line

Monday, 14 January 2019

On The Move!

As mentioned in my previous post on the 18th January my wife and I are upping sticks and moving.
We are just about packed and I have to admit I am slightly overawed by the number of boxes of books, games etc I've put together even before I started on the Crann Tara stock!

Anyway unless there are any last minute major glitches from the 18th the Crann Tara address will be in Marske. The website will be updated tomorrow so please check there for the details.

I will be without access to my emails etc. From Wednesday 16th until 19th and there will be a slight disruption to orders etc. But I anticipate I will be up and running and orders cleared by the 25th.

The Mounted Freytag Jaegers and. On Luckner Hussars will also be available under a new tab on the site 'Skirmish Actions'

In the meantime we shall continue our relocation


  1. Best of luck with your move. Hope you enjoy the new home.

  2. Best of luck with a breakage and stress free move Graham. You must both be very excited mate.

  3. Hope all goes well....
    Hope you marked the box with the kettle!