Firing line

Firing line

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year - New Start -

First can I wish you all a Happy New Year and that you can face the year with a positive outlook and overcome whatever challenges you may face.

The last post of the year gave an outline of where I see Crann Tara going this year, today I am in the middle of preparing for our house move!! A  mammoth task for any gamer I think when you begin to realise how many books, figures etc you have acquired - add to that stock and I have a lot to do over the next three weeks!

All orders are up to date and there may be a little disruption around the 18th when we move but it will be kept to a minimum. Details of the new address etc will be on the website, newsletter and here nearer the date.

Show wise my first trade show will be Salute, followed by Falkirk then the new show at Glasgow.

I will be visiting Vapnartak in February and aim to be putting a 'Sugar Islands' game on at Partizan so if anyone wants to order figures for collection at either of these shows just get in touch near the time.
I really hope I can complete the Culloden game for the second Partizan this year.
In the meantime a few pics of the figs. from the range.

The Savoia marching band - sculpted and painted by John Dougan I really hope I can get him to do another drum major for casting.
 More Savoia pieces again painted by John.
 A nice command Vignette painted by one of my customers
 Part of my British army painted Mark Allen, Steve Allen and myself :)
Have a great year


  1. Happy New Year, Graham! All lovely figures, but the officers with dogs vignette is my favorite.

    Best Regards,


    1. Stokes,
      Happy New Year to Sir, yes it's a lovely piece - ripe for copying when I have time

  2. Those figures look great Graham. Congratulations and good luck for the move.