Firing line

Firing line

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Salute 2018 - A big thank you

Well another year and another Salute. A great show. We met my target in terms of trade I just need to break that glass ceiling next year --- maybe :)

But more importantly a huge thank you to all those that came to chat - regular customers from Spain, Italy,Australia, Canada and America as well as the home grown ones - I won't try to name you all in fear that I miss someone.

However I also gained quite a few new customers who for one reason or the other hadn't seen or been aware of the range - a lot of people liked the fact the figures are proportionate and not big hands, big heads etc favoured by so many.

My good lady accompanied me this time to the show and it was certainly a baptism of fire for her despite a detailed briefing on the morning !!!!!!! knowing your regulation dress from campaign dress, your French line from British line all proved to be a little overpowering at times but Dawn met it all with a smile and was a great help even if it was just to nudge me when she thought I was talking too much and ignoring customers so if I missed you I'm sorry I'm just passionate about the figures. :)

Still working on the new displayy and the new banner by Chris Gregg got many positive comments.
So thank you all once again for your continued support and here's to  another productive year - I just love this hobby :)

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  1. Gosh your range looks big now when set out like that. What a fantastic achievement. The banner looks great (yes I am biased) and I hope it helped attract a few passers by to buy something. Chris