Firing line

Firing line

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Use your Imagi-Nation!

I have always been aware that like me a few of my customers also build Imagi-Nation forces alongside their Historical 18th Century armies.

One of my regular customers asked re the feasibility of buying some of my sculptors time to commission a few pieces. The Point was he was only after a couple of regiments and I pointed out it would be rather expensive for such a small number but after discussing with him what he wanted I offered to have a go at doing a few conversions and putting them in one of my master moulds
the results you can see below ;-

The NCO's right shoulder needs a little work but the customer is more than happy. The two figures in tricorns are for my Dutch but the Officer will have a head swop once cast for the Customer's Grenadier Officer.

I've quite enjoyed doing this and am more than happy to do simple conversions for customers once we've discussed what they would like.

Next up is a lancer figure for another customer - all fun.


  1. Nice work Graham, love the marching grenadier, great figure.

    1. Donnie,
      Thanks I think they will look rather good when Painted

  2. Very nice sculpts indeed Graham. In my mind I think its sensational that we are now seeing wargamers able to commission "specials" for their collections in this fantastic age of wargaming in which we now find ourselves. Decades ago it was a hot pin being pressed into our Airfix plastics. Well done.

  3. Carlo,
    Don't forget plasticine and banana oil 😀
    But it's a pleasure to help fellow gamers out as I've said as long as I can just about break even then to me it's all about the hobby