Firing line

Firing line

Friday, 22 December 2017

A couple of sneak peeks and what's to come in 2018

A parcel arrived from Andy Stadden yesterday, so I apologise for the quality of the photos, taken in haste in poor light using un inked figures however these will be off to Griffin for their return to work on the 2nd January.
First up are the completed set for the Georgia Scouts/Rangers.

 Then we have a couple more hussars this time charging and a rather nice Hussar ADC
 Then we have the Chasseur de Fischer infantry and nice addition to the French army
What is not shown are the Hussar Horse holders ( 2 variants) - waiting on the horse and a set of Afro-carribean heads which will prove very useful for some conversions I'm planning.

So what's to come in 2018  well with the continued absence of Richard and the family turmoil when Mam died then the Saxons never got released but they are the priority for 2018 and will appear sooner rather than later.

More French - on the bench at the moment with Andy Stadden are the Musquetaires, there will be Cantabrians and all sorts of other troops that take  my fancy.There's isn't much left now to finish the Jacobites - a decision re casualty figures is still to be made.

The British army is just about done - NCO's, Officers and ADC's is about all that's left

John Dougan will continue with his War in Savoia and will finis off the command for the French Dragoons.

You can also expect to see some maritime pieces appearing at some point which I think if all of this is achieved will lead to a rather full year.

So thank you for your support and a Merry Christmas to you all


  1. Those hussars (oh, hell all of them)look dangerously tempting. I always said I'd never paint another regiment of hussars. These might make a liar of me.

    Compliments of the Season, Graham!

    Best Regards,


  2. All the best Stokes,
    you can never have enough Hussars :)

  3. Tend to agree with you Graham! Thanks for this super round-up of 18th century delights, the Chasseurs de Fischer infantry look very tempting. Chris

  4. Slowly but surely is the way to go Graham. The new figures are crackers!
    Hope you and yours have good Xmas and Hogmanay.

  5. If I ever do Imaginations again in 28mm then I'll just have to have some of these figures.

  6. More goodies to add to my Imagi-nation project!! Lovely looking figures once more.

  7. Gents,
    Sorry for the delayed response some festive holiday got in the way.
    Thank you all for your comments and Jim hope all goes well.