Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 22 June 2017

New figures available to order next week

I have just sent off figures for seven production moulds to be made at Griffin. There are figures for a further 8 moulds so its going to be ab busy summer.

The figures that have gone are the marching Spanish Infantry, the Savoia mounted Officers, the French dragoon, the early French Hussar, British Horse ( command and trooper) and the French artillery - I'm doing two four figure packs for these one pack of the crew serving the gun and a pack of the pushing/pulling figures as I think these will be useful for other things - some nice vignettes?

Pictures below - apologies for the quality the light was just too strong!

These will be available to order on the web site next week.


  1. Beautiful figures Graham.

  2. Great set of figures Graham. I expect the Savoia officers will make appearances in all sorts of guises!! Simon

    1. Simon,
      Yess indeed Andy if just commissioned Andy Stadden to do 2 French and 2 British mounted Colonels

  3. Graham they are all very nice figures. Is that the JR Hussar?

  4. I will no doubt be buying some hussars and gunners when they're available.