Firing line

Firing line

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New web site, new figures available to order


First up you will notice above a link to my new web site, its still the same address. - still lots of work to do including taking new photos for the whole range but you will see the progress over the coming weeks.

Whilst waiting for the new sculpts from Richard Ansell I've still managed to send of some new figures for production

These are the long awaited:
  • British Fusilier 'at ready' in regulation dress.
  • British Infantry gunners - suitable for serving battalion guns or assisting trained artillery crew.
  • Marching Savoia Grenadier sculpted by John Dougan
  • Generic 18th century musketeer marching. another sculpt by John Dougan for what I believe is a very useful figure for those people who aren't too worried about the number of buttons on a uniform! I will be using mine to start my Dutch army.
All are at Griffin for production moulds and casting and are available as back orders on the our website

Keep the suggestions for figures etc coming in