Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Royal Vasseux and British Guards completed

Finished basing the Royal Vasseux today

Painted by Steve Allen and flags by GMB a nice addition to the ever growing French army.

I also finished basing the Guards the other week, whilst I'm focussing on the British army at Culloden I also want to add untis for the campaigns in Europe and the 'what if's so that's my excuse.
Figures painted by Mark Allen and flags by GMB

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  1. Very much like the basing arrangement for the French unit, and what a beautiful building as backdrop - what is it Graham?

    1. Chris,
      Thanks. The building is a coaching inn made for me some time ago by an ex GW shop manager

    2. .........and very nicely done too. When I retired I asked the manager in our local GW if they needed anyone to make terrain. "Oh no" he said "I've just spent my two weeks holiday making terrain for the shop" - dedication?