Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Figures for pre.order and Xmas offer

All the new figures are now on the web shop and are available to pre.order.
I usually offer 10% discount on pre.orders however with Christmas fast approaching I have decided to offer 10% discount on all the range if you spend over £20.
Just enter Xmas15 during checkout.
This offer will run from the 4th December until the 19th.

For those that haven't visited my facebook page here's a picture of John's Savoia Swiss unit.
Painted by Dave Jarvis and flags by Mark Allen.


  1. Are you still intending to do some red stockinged officers (rather than gaitered), as per the Philippoteaux painting? I recall you had this in mind. Cheers!

    1. Indeed, these will be conversions of the Garde master figures I don't expect to see them in production for around 6-7 months