Firing line

Firing line

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Coming soon-New Metal masters of next releases.

Amongst the 28kg of metal I received yesterday were  the new metal masters  for the next set of releases. With the ink hardly dry thought I'd put some quick pics up. I will be doing pre.order offers in about 3 weeks.
There's Fusiliers de Morliere cavalry a FDM Grenadier advancing, Savoia and Spanish grenadiers, Savoia infantry marching
Garde Francais at ready and their command.

There's a missing button on the marching Savoia infantry which John will sort out. With a fair wind this little lot should be out in time for Christmas. Pre.order offers will be on the web site in two to three weeks.


  1. Some stunning stuff there, Graham. May have to revise my priorities........