Firing line

Firing line

Monday, 13 July 2015

Jacobite Cavalry and French - Metal Masters.

I have received the metal masters back from Griffin ready to sort into production moulds.
First up are the French 'at ready' the standing figure is one I converted from one of Richard's other figures and I'm quite pleased how he has come out.
 Baggots Hussars on foot and mounted, I'm going to look at doing some conversions on these to make mounted Highlanders.

 Fitz James' Horse

 Princes Life Guard also suitable for the Garde Ecosse.
The bad news is that there is a fault on the Life Guard Command the scabbards have all become bent in the mould making and will have to be repaired ( almost done) and new master mould made so the command will be a few weeks late.
Watch out for pre.order offers.


  1. Oh! They looks quite amazing!!! very crisp details on the figures!

  2. Looking forward to the FitzJames horse!


  3. Gents,
    Thank you figures should be with Griffin on Friday to start the production moulds :)

  4. These look the business Graham.