Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

New Greens on their way

I'm pleased to say Richard has finished the next set of greens, - the only down side is that the British Horse Grenadier didn't make it so he and an Officer will be in the next set.

First up Baggot's Hussars

Headgear based on the Penicuik so not normally what most other manufacturers have produced
Next Fitz James' Horse with plastron - so these will serve nicely as French Cavalry.
Also the French infantry kneeling at the ready, I'm converting another figure for the standing at the ready so the French firing line will be complete

Next the Prince's Lifeguard, since taking the photo I asked Richard to put more lace on the tunics, which he has done - that means the figure can also be used for the French Garde Ecosse.

Richard has also sculpted a couple of heads for the British Fusiliers which will be made available for those that wish to do some conversions.

These will be off to Griffin on Monday for the Master mould to be made.


  1. I am particularly impressed by the Hussars. They are superb looking figures!

  2. Yes, the hussars and the FitzJames horse are all excellent. Looking forward to these!


  3. Gents,
    Thanks for the comments. They will be off to Griffin next week. Hopefully not too long after that before they're available.