Firing line

Firing line

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Coming Soon

I came back from the relocated Griffin factory yesterday carrying a bag of the new metal masters :)

First up are the Garde Francais, these chaps come with separate muskets to allow for a degree of variation. I think they're spot on!

Next up Spanish Infantry at attention - suitable for the WAS in Italy and is also a hint of things to come once the Jacobites are finished.
Then we have the Savoia Infantry also standing
The metal dolly for the Fusiliers de Morliere Cavalry  - presently his head is separate and I haven't decided if we should do this on the final figure - thoughts?
I've used the dollie to also show the Grenadier head, this will be used to create the FdM Grenadiers and the Savoia Grenadiers.

Finally a couple of pictures of some of my own, the mounted Highland Officer is a conversion of a Minden Miniatures Officer and I need to speak with Jim to see if he wishes to sell it.

The second is a charging British Officer I have made to go with some charging/assaulting British line I'm doing for a forlorn hope!

The figures for production will be going back to Griffin next week and will be available to pre.order in a couple of weeks.

I also dropped off the greens for the Jacobite/French Cavalry so these shouldn't be too far away.

Thoughts and observations gratefully received.


  1. They are the cat's pyjamas, Graham! As are the rest at CTM...


  2. Nice. I'm very interested in the charging/assaulting British line!

    1. I'm just finishing off the conversions to the charging infantry, should be ready to go soon :)