Firing line

Firing line

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A quick Round Up of 2014 and what's next.

First can I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you more toys for your metal mountain or pile, depending! and thank you for supporting me and the range.

It will most probably come as no surprise that 2014 has been the best year so far for Crann Tara,- sales have been good, Richard has been productive and I have forged an alliance with Niels of Westfalia Forge and their lovely equipment range.

Financially i guess I may be just about paying my way or at least closing the gap on expenditure over income :) just don't tell the wife!

So what's the plan next year -
I aim to finish the Jacobite rebellion, Richard is currently sculpting Fitz James' horse and the Princes Lifeguard - both of which will suitable for WAS French.
Baggotts Hussars - mounted and foot, a kneeling French infantry man and a mounted British Horse Grenadier ( cos I wanted one :) ).

I would like to think we will get these out in time for Salute but it all depends on Griffin the casters/mould makers who are one of the best in the business but are also very busy!!!!

Following that the Jacobite Personalities and either Government or Jacobite Artillery crew. The Georgia Scouts and mounted Highlanders.

The final release will see which ever artillery crew didn't make it, Government Marines and some other surprises.

John, the other sculptor will be doing some more Savoia pieces and the main project will be the Garde Francais. - no timescales on this though.

To close a couple of my favorite pics  - the Government firing line and the Westfalia Miniatures amusette being pulled by some of my own  Albion sculpts


  1. The 2015 plans all seem great... i'm especially looking forward to the Georgia rangers (hopefully all at the charge like the Minden light horse) and the French horse.

    And if you are taking votes, I'd like to see the government artillery first!

    Thanks again for all the great miniatures in 2014


    1. Rob,
      Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I want to do a marching gunner to go with the crew for the Government boys.

  2. Nice plans, and beautiful minis already!