Firing line

Firing line

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Savoia Infantry, Prussian and French Guns released

Hopefully going up on the web shop are the new items in stock.
First I have the French 8Pdr and 12Pdr Cannon and the Prussian 12pdr, 10pdr Howitzer and 3pdr from Jim's  Fife and Drum range, these items are in stock and as stated above will be in the shop in the next few days.
Also is the Savoia infantry - sculpted by John on the Crann Tara dollies - the figure is in light kit and could be used as a pretty generic 18th Century Infantry line infantry.

A lovely figure and nicely painted by John - musicians and NCO's will be following shortly. Again these should be in the shop this week and all these items will be available on Saturday at the Battleground show.