Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New Releases available to pre.order

I’m pleased to say that the British Dragoons (mounted and on foot), the French Infantry firing and a new French Command Pack together with the first of the Personalities are all available to pre. Order in the Crann Tara shop.

I have also put up a figure of the converted French/Irish Piquet marching. I have made him to be suitable to represent the infantry in The Manchester Regiment, so trousers and a plaid, will hopefully get some pics on here later.

The Marshall Saxe was kindly painted for me by Dave Jarvis.
Also shown are the Fusiliers de Morliere

So get over to the shop-
As usual I offer a 10% discount on all pre.orders  just enter the code Cumberland when paying.

Any questions just get in touch.


  1. Any news on when these will come back from the casters?

    All the best, Rob

  2. Rob,
    I did e.mail Griffin this week but didn't get a reply. will phone tomorrow. It usually takes about 4 weeks so soon,
    I hope!