Firing line

Firing line

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Fontenoy Range

Just a short update, as stated earlier I have placed my flag firmly in the 1740's and as we press on with the '45 I also want to offer up some additional figures.
Bearing in mind within the '45 range there will be Dutch etc I have decided to also look at releasing figures that will expand the French and English armies around the time of Fontenoy.

The Fusiliers de Morliere will be released in the near future, I'm looking at adding Horse Guard Grenadiers for the British alongside the release of the Jacobite horse - most of which of course will serve as French Cavalry.
To that end over the next couple of weeks I will create a new tab for the Fontenoy range and list packs from the '45 that are suitable for this and also list the new packs as they become available.

Looking at the French Garde as the next release for this!


  1. Hopefully the British horse guard will be sculpted by Richard Ansell?


  2. I look forward to the Horse Guard Grenadiers and the rest of the Fontenoy Range.