Firing line

Firing line

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Minden Miniatures - Marshall Saxe in Coach and his Volontaires de Saxe in stock

Great news yesterday I received stock of the new Minden Miniatures Marshall Saxe in his coach at Fontenoy.
I've also received his Volontaires de Saxe - African and European lancers and Command figures -
Hurried pics below.

The coach will retail at £20 for the coach, two horses and one rider and of course Marshall Saxe
Lancers are £10.50 for 3
Command £7.00 for two.

If you order from me through the blog before I get them on the web shop ( sometime next week)
I will give you 10% discount and flat rate £2.70 postage.
This is only available to UK and European members.
Just send an e.mail to to order and we will take it from there

Jim is waiting for his stock but it should be with him next week.


  1. Du Saxe is just a phenomenal miniature. Here's hoping that the Cumberland vignette is equally good!

    On a different note, my first government unit showed up in the mail yesterday. The photos do not do the sculpts justice and it was great customer service and packaging. Here's hoping that french unit deals arrive in the store soon.


    1. Rob,
      thanks for the comments. I know my photography does not do the figures justice - Apologies.
      I will post pictures of the Personalities tomorrow - Cumberland, Hawley and Albermarle - they're good. French units on the shop next week

  2. No need for apologies at all. I wasn't trying to criticize the photos, just to complement the figures themselves as even better than what I'd expected!


  3. Rob,
    no criticism taken just photos definitely not my strong point. Look forward to seeing the figures painted.