Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What's next.

No pics for this one, just an update re what's happening.
Richard has been in touch he has almost completed the next set of sculpts for the Jacobite range.
This will be the British troops 'at ready', the second campaign dress figure with coat buttoned up and hat turned down, this will be for all the current poses.
The Irish Piquets marching with command so you can use them for French and also another pose which I'm not telling yet plus command.

After these are released and my next slot comes around we have agreed he will do the British Dragoons mounted and four or five skirmishing on foot.
An Irish/French firing line and a 3 figure Command vignette (not decided what yet -suggestions?)

We have pretty much agreed the rest of the range to see us through to the end of the year and possibly into early next but Manchesters foot, all the Jacobite cavalry, Baggots hussars on foot are in there. Don't forget Fitzjames' horse and the LifeGuard can be also used for French Cavalry.

On the Border Reiver side Martin should have another set of Gallowglass ready May/June these will be advancing/attacking and will be followed by some Irish Horse and a new horse for the Reivers.

Next year I also want to start a new range with Richard, his suggestion and more on that later.

Any comments, suggestions, thought greatly appreciated.

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