Firing line

Firing line

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Web shop updated

Just a note to highlight the we shop has been updated.
I have had to increase the Jacobite figure pack prices by 0.50p for standard packs and 0.25p on command packs.
However to go someway to offset this I have now created regimental and clan packs which means you effectively get 24 figures including command and the command are free.
There's also a 'fiery cross ' deal which sees you getting 100 figures for £110 .
These can be found under the special deals tab. There's more to come with even larger discounts.
I have also listed the excellent Jacobite flags by 'Flags of  War' and the start of a range of Elizabethan flags by 'Pete's flags' both ranges worth checking.

Also coming shortly Martin of Warbases has caught the Reiver bug and is in the process of  creating a  Bastle House. We hope to be stocking this shortly.


  1. Great news to read that you will be stocking the Jim Bowen 40mm rande of miniatures.

    I will follow developments with interest.

    Tony Harwood

    1. Tony,
      you're quick off the mark. waiting for the news on TMP to be published but I hope to have the shop updated shortly