Firing line

Firing line

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

More progress :) work on Government Troops

Richard  has been in touch to say he hopes to be able to start on the dollies for the Government troops  and the Irish Piquets in the next couple of weeks.
This will mean once they are done we can plan in to have the troops sculpted and the work will be quicker, it also means I can increase the variety.
First up will be the Government troops in campaign dress, turn backs unbuttoned, some with tricornes some with Tricorne turned down.
Marching and a firing line of standing firing and 'charge bayonet' , because of taking this route it also means I can get the Government troops in regulation dress completed as well.
Still giving thoughts to the Irish Piquets but they won't be far after.
Richard is also sculpting a mounted Dollie and some more dynamic poses for either skirmishing troops or the dismounted Government Dragoons.
Things are looking good.
Now all I need to do is sell some figures to pay for this!

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