Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Highland Command and Lowlanders painted

Whilst waiting for Griffin to complete the production moulds and cast the first stock I have managed to complete painting the spare masters

First up are the lowlanders, nice figures and too be honest the plaid could be painted as anything as it has been made to be fairly non descript.
 Next is the lowland drummer flanked by two Highland Officers which will make up the lowland command for the moment.
 Highland Officers and piper.
 Finally the two firing figures, the one in trews can be painted as a lowlander or highlander as you see fit as can the two lowlander figures.
I shall be updating the shop over the next couple of days so when the stock arrives I'm ready to hit the road! (wishful thinking!)


  1. Great looking figures good luck
    Peace James

  2. Looking excellent. Will be picking some packs up at Derby tomorrow from Colonel Bills. The clan packs sound like a superb idea. Well done.

  3. Hi, Colonel Bill hasn't got these yet as they have literally just arrived.
    If you want to email me rather than go through shop I will sort something out with you.