Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 2 January 2020

What's the plan?

Happy New Year to you all, I trust you have all had an enjoyable festive break and I hope 2020 will be kind to you and only bring small problems!

So what's the plans for 2020?
 Scheithers Feikorps have gone for casting and that will bring to an end the figures required to support Charles Grants book on small actions of the Seven Years war. It will be my intention to sell units for each of the actions at a discounted price both for Charles' rules and for Sharpes Practice
After that the main focus for Richard Ansell will be sculpting models for the French Indian War - the French Marines are done and next up will be the Hurons followed by the Mohawks. I hope to have the full range finished by year end.

I am hoping Andy Stadden will return to full form this year and this will see the completion of the Saxons and quite possibly the start of a new project!!

Digital sculpts - these continue at a pace with the Austrians and Hungarians now complete - Dan is on with the Prussian Jaegers to be followed by the Grenz.

I have done test casts of all the figures in 28mm and feel a little more work is required before I release.
The 40mm project is still ongoing albeit slowly, there is a major decision to be made on how to fund this project if it is to go in production.

Other scales - I am in conversation with a couple of other people regarding producing the figures in other scales - if this does happen it will most probably be private commissions. There is also the possibility of releasing figures in resin for those that desire.

These chaps are an all resin battalion of Austrians with a mounted officer on the recently designed horse

So a full year - in between all this I would still like to get the charging French infantry done and probably charging British and French horse!
I will also return to looking at releasing a small range of casualties as a lot of customers have asked for them to use as markers.
As always I am open to comments and suggestions.
All the best.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Scheithers Freikorps

Richard has sent photos of the new Greens and mighty good they look.
Apart from the couple of charging French Infantry (more to follow) the rest are from this Hanoverian Freikorps which saw quite a bit of action and are ideal for Charles' forthcoming book or for those wishing to pursue Seven Years war actions using Sharpes Practice etc.

Come the New Year I will start offering units for Sharpes Practice and Musket and Tomahawks.
2020 will definitely focus on the French Indian War but we should still see some useful additions to the European armies 😀

Sunday, 10 November 2019

New figures in the shop

I have put Richard Ansells latest figures in the Crann Tara shop for those that are interested.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Sneak peek - Saxon Uhlans

After Andy's tragic loss of his wife it is fair to say that sculpting figures has been the last thing on his mind.

However I received some photos of work in progress

3 of the six saxon uhlans - there is also an officer, musician and trooper with sabre.

I have also seen the model of Prince Xavier which looks really good so hopefully more Saxons before christmas

Friday, 1 November 2019

Saxon Cuirassiers

These are some of my favourite figures sculpted by Andy Stadden.
Steve Allen painted the riders and I did horses, bases etc. He's on with the next two squadrons at the moment for me.

I can't understand why I left it so long to get them done!

Hopefully new metal masters arrive from Griffin next week.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

New Greens

Richard Ansell has really been pulling the stops out for me. He's just sent me the photos of the new Greens.
French Marines for the FIW launches the official start of the new range.
French and British NCO's
Charging British Infantry command.
And a special request for a vignette of charging British General and trumpeter - I'm sure the galloping Aide will go nice with this as well.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Short update.New figures,business move and new project!

First just a short update to say that the Maroons, Clermont Prince etc are now all in the shop.

I have also taken the decision to rent a small office / studio for the business - this will allow me a little more space to prepare stock, work on conversions etc. Hopefully it will mean I can be a little more productive - fewer distractions 🤣
Another good thing for me is that the building has a reception etc so no longer do I have to wait in all day for stock deliveries etc and finally whilst I don't expect to be inundated it does also mean I can accept visitors by appointment - website will be updated once I'm moved in and settled so exciting times.
I shall also be making announcements re. The 40mm range shortly.
I'm also looking at offering a print on demand service in a number of scales for the Prussians and Austrians  I need to work out prices etc and the turn around times but it may be something some people wish to try.
All in all an exciting last quarter to the year is promised.

The sneak peeks are firstly a couple of conversions I've done which are off to Griffin - I love the Mounted figure 🤣 The second is an almost completed Saxon Uhlan Officer - phase two isn't far away