Firing line

Firing line

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Last shout for Salute and look what's landing

Aa gentle reminder that the pre.order offer for Salute finishes the 19th March - this is to give me time to get the orders ready before I go to America.

More good news Richard Ansell has finished the Navy Landing party, I have been going on about these for a long time and it's good to see them arrive.

4 of the figures have open hands to act as gunners or to receive the melee weapons that have been made.

Looking forward to getting these. Hopefully I will have some in action in my game at Partizan.

Finally more good news Andy Stadden got in touch to say that his wife is making good progress and that he now feels he can return to sculpting and that he has started work on the second set of Saxons.

Merry Christmas 🤣🤣🤣

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Prussians/Hessians arrive

For Charles Grant's forthcoming book ( which I have already mentioned) we decided to commission our own figures that could be used for Prussians/Hessians.

By way of an experiment so as not to disrupt the sculpting schedule I commissioned Dan from Digital Sculpts in Sweden

To do some figures. I have posted a couple of teasers but once I received the files and printed the resin masters I sent them straight to Griffin for casting in metal, the results are below.

Photos could be better but we have strong sunlight today!!!

Dan and I have learnt quite a bit from the process but overall I am very pleased and should have some painted up shortly. They will be available shortly on the web site and of course at Salute.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Salute 2019

Well Salute is fast approaching and it's time to offer the pre.order deals for collections at the show.

From now until the 19th March orders over £50 and using the coupon code salute2019 will receive a 15% discount.

The discount doesn't apply to unit,brigade or army deals which are already discounted.

I'm in America the week before Salute hence the cut off date of the 19th to give me time to get the orders ready!

I'm also hopeful to have some pre.releases of the Naval Landing party and the Prussian/Hessian infantry to support Charles Grants forthcoming ' Skirmish actions' book. There will be a 10% reduction on these new releases.

Don't forget to get in touch with any suggestions or queries.

Monday, 14 January 2019

On The Move!

As mentioned in my previous post on the 18th January my wife and I are upping sticks and moving.
We are just about packed and I have to admit I am slightly overawed by the number of boxes of books, games etc I've put together even before I started on the Crann Tara stock!

Anyway unless there are any last minute major glitches from the 18th the Crann Tara address will be in Marske. The website will be updated tomorrow so please check there for the details.

I will be without access to my emails etc. From Wednesday 16th until 19th and there will be a slight disruption to orders etc. But I anticipate I will be up and running and orders cleared by the 25th.

The Mounted Freytag Jaegers and. On Luckner Hussars will also be available under a new tab on the site 'Skirmish Actions'

In the meantime we shall continue our relocation

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year - New Start -

First can I wish you all a Happy New Year and that you can face the year with a positive outlook and overcome whatever challenges you may face.

The last post of the year gave an outline of where I see Crann Tara going this year, today I am in the middle of preparing for our house move!! A  mammoth task for any gamer I think when you begin to realise how many books, figures etc you have acquired - add to that stock and I have a lot to do over the next three weeks!

All orders are up to date and there may be a little disruption around the 18th when we move but it will be kept to a minimum. Details of the new address etc will be on the website, newsletter and here nearer the date.

Show wise my first trade show will be Salute, followed by Falkirk then the new show at Glasgow.

I will be visiting Vapnartak in February and aim to be putting a 'Sugar Islands' game on at Partizan so if anyone wants to order figures for collection at either of these shows just get in touch near the time.
I really hope I can complete the Culloden game for the second Partizan this year.
In the meantime a few pics of the figs. from the range.

The Savoia marching band - sculpted and painted by John Dougan I really hope I can get him to do another drum major for casting.
 More Savoia pieces again painted by John.
 A nice command Vignette painted by one of my customers
 Part of my British army painted Mark Allen, Steve Allen and myself :)
Have a great year

Saturday, 15 December 2018

As 2018 draws to a close I thought it was time to first wish you all the best for the forthcoming festivities and to thank you for your support in keeping Crann Tara afloat, bearing in mind I started this company as a means to let me have my own figures then we have come some way with over 150 production moulds now made!

So what's coming in 2019? I am in the fortunate position to now be working with 3 sculptors who all make figures that are compatible with each other yet have a style unique to their sculptor.
Andy Stadden has produced excellent figures this year, his wife has been seriously ill but he is returning to the bench and will be finishing off the early Saxons. Hopefully these will be available early part of next year. These will be followed by Government Highlanders, French and British NCO's more French light infantry and a new range!

Richard Ansell was absent for a considerable period of time but I am glad to say he has now returned to sculpting, he is currently working on Naval Landing party and Maroons to compliment the excellent publication on the Sugar Island Wars by Stuart Insch. He will also be making Compagnie de Francais de la Marine for both the Caribbean and Canada. I am hopeful he will be then working on a series of figures to accompany a new book to be written by Charles Grant on skirmish actions of the Seven Years War.

Just joining the team is Dan from Digital Sculpt Figures in Sweden he is working on Prussian/Hessian infantry again to accompany Charles' book, the early images of the sculpts are superb and these figures may appear in 40mm as well - we shall see.

In addition there will be the occasional conversion that I think is ok to sell - shortly to be released are the mounted Freytag Jaeger and Von Luckner hussars.

Finally following on the success of the production of the rapid fire Saxon cannon I will be looking to work with Griffin Moulds JJP Ltd and Christian Rogge in producing some of the heavier British artillery pieces.

As always comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated and here's to an exciting 2019

Friday, 23 November 2018

Some new pieces

Next year I'm looking forward to working in collaboration with Charles Grant on a new book he is writing on skirmish engagements in the Seven Years War. To that end he has started to prepare a list of figures he would like to see  in production so that we can use them in the engagements and from my position released as sets to accompany the book.

The first pieces identified were Von Luckner Hussars and Mounted Freitag Jaeger.
Charles has done some conversions for the Jaeger and I set about the Hussars.
Here's the results - still some tweaks to do but I'm quite happy with them, excuse camera wobble it's b****y cold today.

Hope to have them in production in the New Year.