Firing line

Firing line

Friday, 30 September 2016

Scots Greys and what's next

For those that follow my Scotia Albion blog you will know I had to prepare a full regiment of  Scots Grey's for the Battle of Rocoux last weekend.
Here they are in their glory.

The good news is that I did two conversions for the standard bearer, one got painted for the regiment the other chap will be going to Griffin for production.

So whilst on the whats coming - in terms of conversions there's a British Fusilier at ready with fusilier cap, three british infantry manning gun ( for the battalion guns). The Savoia Grenadier marching and the generic 18th century line marching will also make a delayed appearance. with luck I'm also converting some figures for Highland cavalry - hope they work!

Richard should be available for my next set around November - these will be French artillery, early French Hussars mounted and dismounted and some other pieces I haven't determined.

This means the Saxons should be coming around May/June next year and I'm planning something special for this -no not kickstarter.