Firing line

Firing line

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New units and Customer Pics.

Whilst in that lull before the storm that is Salute thought I'd take a couple of pictures of units I've recently based and flagged.
First up the French Regiment Vermandois with flags by Maverick Models. Figures painted by Steve Allen.

 Then we have the Buffs painted by Mark Allen, flags by Flags of War lots more to do for the demo game at Partizan!

Finally from one of my customers Truls Fjell The Colonel General Cavalerie, using the FitzJames figure - very nice work.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Even more new stuff

Jim has published photos of the new Hessian figures sculpted by Richard.
I'm pleased to say that as these form part of the Fife and Drum range I will be stocking them.
No dates yet but soon.
As Jim says these are also suitable for Prussians :)

Its good to see Richard back in the chair and details of my next 16 figures have been sent this morning.

Coming soon Savoia Artillery crew

In the post to Griffin today I have sent the greens from John for the Savoia artillery crew.
six figures in total and I van see uses for these as more than just artillery.
With luck I may have a very limited supply at Salute!!

I have also sent my first three Jacobite casualties, these are pieces I've done so I really don't know how they will turn out :) but watch this space.