Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Scots Greys /Horse Grenadiers

Finished painting some of the metal masters of the conversions I did to create figures for the Scots Greys, two troopers with slight head variants and one Officer -  without too much effort and depending upon which source you refer to the figures will also be suitable for Horse Grenadiers.

The metal masters have gone off with the French Infantry today for production molds to be made.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Flags and some conversions.

Iain from Flags of War has just sent me the next batch of Government flags for the '45.
These are conjectural but I think provide a nice change.
They are in the shop as we speak!!!
In addition some figures for the French and Jacobites - with the exception of the kneeling at ready they are all conversions I have completed.
Photo's are a bit naff as I'm trying to come to terms with a camera my son has given me!

With the exception of the Highland Officer they are all going to Griffin this week for production molds.
 The Highland Officer will appear in the shop as I have a small number available, depending on sales and feedback he may make it to production.

Next month I shall send the French Garde cavalry conversions and the British Horse Grenadiers/Scots Greys off for production.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

First show of the year and sneak pics of my conversions

My first show of the year will be at Prestonpans :) in February, a new show and whilst I don't expect it to be a money making event it is another show by the Scottish Battlefields trust and well worthy of support. There's a lot more on facebook and I know Barry Hilton and Dave Imrie will be putting games on so that alone would make the visit worth while.

In addition I've started painting some of the conversions I completed and had cast, some will appear in the near future as production models others may be just made available as one off's until the pre production casts have gone. You can see the French Grenadier, French Officer and French line firing.
John's Savoia infantry marching sneaked on the paint table. There's a couple of my Dutch grenadiers the English horse holder and Highland Officer.
You may even catch sight of the Horse Grenadier ( can also be use as Scots greys) I will publish more about availability over the next couple of weeks.