Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Stock arrives and more customer pics.

Thirty kilos of stock arrived today so tomorrow will be spent clearing all the pre.orders I received.
In addition there were some more metal masters of the conversions I have done, French kneeling firing, British Horse Grenadiers, French Garde Cavalry, French marching grenadier (tricorne) and some other surprises.
They have all come out pretty good, pics will follow soon and with luck they may be available for Salute.
In the mean time here's some pics of the Prince's Lifeguard from the collection of John Clements


  1. These are looking so good Grahame. I have been resisting for so long...
    Have a great Christmas mate.

  2. A splendid uniform and a great job on them!

  3. V much looking forward to the pictures of the new troops. Am I the only one having problems accessing the AMG site? I understood that John was doing maintenance work but now it has totally disappeared. maybe I have been culled!