Firing line

Firing line

Monday, 19 October 2015

Coming Soon and planning for Salute.

I thought it was about time I posted a quick update of where we are at the moment with new figures and what I hope to have ready in time for Salute. ( yes we have to plan that far ahead)

First up some bad news - Richard Ansell is once again going through some family difficulties, this is not the place to go into detail but whilst frustrating it is far more important that his focus is on family rather than sculpting toys for us.

So at present there is nothing new due from Richard I'm afraid, once that situation changes I shall post here.

Good news - the 16 figures John sculpted Griffin have said the metal masters should be with me this week which means I should have the figures out in time for Christmas :) as a reminder these figures include the two new Garde Francais standing and kneeling at ready, GF command, Fusilier de Morliere Cavalry and Grenadier, Savoia infantry marching, Savoia Grenadier and a Spanish Grenadier.

In addition please see the pics below - I have been making a determined effort to do some conversion work and continue my sculpting attempts. For conversions there's a French infantry kneeling firing, a new French Officer, the Garde Ecosse are converted to Garde Cavalry, British Horse Grenadiers - suitable for the Scots Greys, are near completion and a marching French Grenadier.
You will see I have also made a British Dragoon horse holder and the horse is almost finished.
(how many horses to sell with the figure 2 or 3?)
Two British Infantry in light order running
Highland officer in coat and blunderbus

In addition I am also producing a few figures which I have made for myself and will think of a way to make these available for those that would want some. I have already made and cast Dutch infantry and on the bench are two Dutch Grenadiers. To the extreme right is a painted Highland Regiment Colonel I had a couple of these for me but obviously in the process ended up with more castings than I need - for some of these figures I do not intend to make a production mold but will put them on the site for sale and when they're gone they're gone.

Thoughts please.

This little lot should be out in time for Salute and maybe a few more pieces from John - more French and Savoia.

Oh yes you can also see the start of me having a  go at some highland casualties - they will come in the next mold.

Questions/comments all gratefully received.


  1. Sorry to read about Richard; hope his problems are resolved well.
    All great news, Graham. I'm interested in a lot of the next batch of releases, and pleased to see there might be some Dutch as I would like to move from the expensive Eureka range for these.

    1. John,
      Get in touch and I will send a couple of samples. Obviously not as good as Eureka or Richard's but they paint up nice.

  2. Looking good as always Graham. Salute must be a grand day. Hope to get there soonish mate. Take care.

    1. Carlo,
      It's a great show. Hopefully I will be there when you make it.