Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pre.Order Offers on web site

I have now opened Pre.Orders for the Garde Francais, Spanish and the new Savoia infantry on the web shop

All orders over £20 for the  new figures will carry a 10% pre.order discount upon entering 'The Garde' when asked for a coupon at checkout.

Griffin aim to have these cast in around 5 weeks and the offer runs until the 30th June.

Painted pictures of the figures coming soon :)


  1. Ah-hah, the Gardes Fran├žaises sound very interesting. I would dearly love to recreate the famous Philippoteaux painting one day:

  2. PS: I'm also an ex-police officer, now working for the Police in a civilian role.

    1. Roly,
      Thanks for the comments, the next two poses of the Garde will take us straight to that painting. ( I am now fully retired making and playing with my toys :) )