Firing line

Firing line

Friday, 1 May 2015

Two More shows and New product update!

For those that are interested I shall be at the Falkirk show on the 9th May and Sheffield Triples the following week.
Can I ask where possible people get in touch if they want to order items for collection. I sold out of Coaches at Salute but new stock arrived today!!!

On my workbench i have some Highlander casualties I'm working on, together with a converted British dragoon into a horse holder.
Also converting a figure into a highland Officer with greatcoat and blunderbuss, couple of generic mounted Officers (one being shot) and a French infantry man standing at the ready.

Richard has been in touch he's nearly completed the next set of sculpts- no time scale as family commitments still impact upon his time. But I'm confident we shall be seeing the Jacobite Cavalry soon!

At Griffin at the moment are two Garde Francais infantry, a Spanish infantryman and another Savoia/Neapolitan infantryman together with a British Officer on foot. The metal masters are a couple of weeks away and production about 6.

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