Firing line

Firing line

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Stock arrives and more customer pics.

Thirty kilos of stock arrived today so tomorrow will be spent clearing all the pre.orders I received.
In addition there were some more metal masters of the conversions I have done, French kneeling firing, British Horse Grenadiers, French Garde Cavalry, French marching grenadier (tricorne) and some other surprises.
They have all come out pretty good, pics will follow soon and with luck they may be available for Salute.
In the mean time here's some pics of the Prince's Lifeguard from the collection of John Clements

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Figures for pre.order and Xmas offer

All the new figures are now on the web shop and are available to pre.order.
I usually offer 10% discount on pre.orders however with Christmas fast approaching I have decided to offer 10% discount on all the range if you spend over £20.
Just enter Xmas15 during checkout.
This offer will run from the 4th December until the 19th.

For those that haven't visited my facebook page here's a picture of John's Savoia Swiss unit.
Painted by Dave Jarvis and flags by Mark Allen.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Forthcoming Shows.

Just a quick update to say that I will be at the following shows in November.
Targe on the 21st. -
and Battleground on the 28th November -

I know I'm not listed on the Kirriemuir web page but I have confirmed that they have me as attending.
If you want anything to collect at the show get in touch - 10% discount on orders for collection, if you are going, even if you don't want anything stop and have a chat.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Coming soon-New Metal masters of next releases.

Amongst the 28kg of metal I received yesterday were  the new metal masters  for the next set of releases. With the ink hardly dry thought I'd put some quick pics up. I will be doing pre.order offers in about 3 weeks.
There's Fusiliers de Morliere cavalry a FDM Grenadier advancing, Savoia and Spanish grenadiers, Savoia infantry marching
Garde Francais at ready and their command.

There's a missing button on the marching Savoia infantry which John will sort out. With a fair wind this little lot should be out in time for Christmas. Pre.order offers will be on the web site in two to three weeks.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Coming Soon and planning for Salute.

I thought it was about time I posted a quick update of where we are at the moment with new figures and what I hope to have ready in time for Salute. ( yes we have to plan that far ahead)

First up some bad news - Richard Ansell is once again going through some family difficulties, this is not the place to go into detail but whilst frustrating it is far more important that his focus is on family rather than sculpting toys for us.

So at present there is nothing new due from Richard I'm afraid, once that situation changes I shall post here.

Good news - the 16 figures John sculpted Griffin have said the metal masters should be with me this week which means I should have the figures out in time for Christmas :) as a reminder these figures include the two new Garde Francais standing and kneeling at ready, GF command, Fusilier de Morliere Cavalry and Grenadier, Savoia infantry marching, Savoia Grenadier and a Spanish Grenadier.

In addition please see the pics below - I have been making a determined effort to do some conversion work and continue my sculpting attempts. For conversions there's a French infantry kneeling firing, a new French Officer, the Garde Ecosse are converted to Garde Cavalry, British Horse Grenadiers - suitable for the Scots Greys, are near completion and a marching French Grenadier.
You will see I have also made a British Dragoon horse holder and the horse is almost finished.
(how many horses to sell with the figure 2 or 3?)
Two British Infantry in light order running
Highland officer in coat and blunderbus

In addition I am also producing a few figures which I have made for myself and will think of a way to make these available for those that would want some. I have already made and cast Dutch infantry and on the bench are two Dutch Grenadiers. To the extreme right is a painted Highland Regiment Colonel I had a couple of these for me but obviously in the process ended up with more castings than I need - for some of these figures I do not intend to make a production mold but will put them on the site for sale and when they're gone they're gone.

Thoughts please.

This little lot should be out in time for Salute and maybe a few more pieces from John - more French and Savoia.

Oh yes you can also see the start of me having a  go at some highland casualties - they will come in the next mold.

Questions/comments all gratefully received.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Loads of British

Thought I'd post some pictures of the growing British. Apart from one Minden figure and one RSM then they're all Crann Tara figures. Most of the standards are from Iain at Flags of War and jolly nice they look to.

 The below unit is Fleming's 36th Foot painted by Mark Allen :)

Monday, 17 August 2015

Garde Officers

Some sneak peeks at the greens of the Garde Francais Officers John has been working on-
I like them - a lot.
He's now working on NCO and drummer. I hope to pick up the full set on the 5th/6th September.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Releases available to pre.Order

The new Jacobite horse should be in stock in 2-3 weeks time therefore I'm offering the usual 10% discount on orders over £10 for the new figures placed up until the 15th August. This offer also includes the two new French Infantry 'at ready ' poses.

Simply enter Baggot's when asked for coupon. Any problems get in touch.

Don't forget that Fitzjame's Horse is suitable for standard French Cavalry wearing plastron under the coat, and the Prince's Lifeguard is suitable as the French Garde Ecosse Horse. 
Just in case you missed the pictures first time.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

More French!

One of my customers has been asking me if I will be producing a kneeling firing French infantry figure.
At the time I replied that it wasn't on the list of figures I had planned for Richard to sculpt. It's always difficult balancing the cost of production with predicted sales.
However thought I'd have a go at converting a couple of the green's Richard has done.
The results are below, a kneeling French infantry firing, French Officer with raised sword for the firing line and in shot the British Dragoon horse holder and horse nears completion.
I'm quite pleased with them :)

Saturday, 18 July 2015

More sneak peeks

John continues to be busy, some pictures of the forthcoming Fusilier de Morliere cavalry.
He's doing a grenadier a well which will see this contingent complete.

In addition a few pics of some of the new figures painted by one of my regular customers Harold Batten

 The British Officer is one I've made myself off a Richard Ansell dollie. I like to send a few out to see what customers think - he isn't too bad so I may get some more cast.