Firing line

Firing line

Sunday, 31 August 2014

New Greens - More French and the British Dragoons

Richard has sent me photos of the latest set of sculpts. All are shown except the 3 Personality figures.

First up are some more French, the start of the firing line - the next set of sculpts will see one or two more figures added.

 Next we have the dismounted British Dragoons, I think these are some of Richards best sculpts to date, love the Officer.

 More dismounted dragoons, getting ready for Clifton Moor refight.

 Then of course the British Dragoons, really happy with these.

Together with the 3 Personalities that will be another 16 figures for release. As soon as I receive the greens and check them over they will be off to Griffin for the moulds to be made.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Up and Coming Shows

Just a short note to say I will be at the Border Reiver Show at Gateshead Stadium on the 6th September, if any one wants to pre.order then now your chance.

In addition I shall be attending a gaming event at the Culloden Battlefield on the 11th October.
Here's the link
The visitor centre is well worth the trip and of course Fort George is only a few miles away and that is also worth a visit.

Again if anyone wants to pre. Order then 10% discount applies to all orders made for either show.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Westfalia Forge- 18th Century Wagons and equipment in stock

I am pleased to inform you all that I am now starting to stock a range of 18th century wagons and Equipment from Westfalia Forge, a small company based in Germany. Niels, the sculptor already makes equipment for a number of established companies so I am very pleased to be able to offer these new pieces.
All of course are for the 18th Century and are all in stock and on the web shop.

 First up is a two wheeled munition cart, based on the Austrian design but I think would be suitable for other forces as well.

 This is a British Field Forge, great piece.

 Finally the generic hay wagon, suitable for any one :)
More pieces to come in the near future.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Painted figures and Important news

There are some major changes taking place  with Crann Tara. I have decided that  I should return to my original vision and that Crann Tara Miniatures be devoted to the 18th Century therefore to that end over the next couple of weeks I will be removing the Border Reivers and the Graven Images from the shop. You can still buy these but they will be available from my partners sites at and
We are trying to co-ordinate the change over but you may find some items disappear and then reappear. Sorry for the inconvenience. We have received around another 6 ranges from Graven so it makes sense to do this now.

With this change comes some exciting new announcements, I am stocking the Journals of Horace St.Paul, a series of books written by Neal Cogswell. They are the Journals of St.Paul an Englishman forced to flee the North of England and who served with the Austrian army as an aide to Marshall Browne. Cracking stuff full of orders of battle, maps etc. 

The books will be listed shortly but in the meantime you can always message me. I have received new stock of the upgraded Jacobite rebellion flags from Iain at Flags of War and I am also stocking his AWI flags, again these will be listed shortly.

Having decided to stay with the 18th century my own range of figures will stick firmly around the 1740's and I have some exciting plans for future releases. Shortly there will also be some equipment pieces a British Field forge, generic hay wagon and small ammunition wagon.

Below are some pics of the painted new releases (which I'm still waiting from Griffin -damn holiday season), I will therefore extend the pre.order discount dates on the web shop.

British Infantry regulation dress at ready

 Irish/French Infantry standing easy and marching
 Irish/French Command marching
 Irish/French command standing (waiting for new drummer)
 Grenadier at ready
 Almost forgot these are the four poses of the figure in campaign dress variant 2 i.e. tricorn turned down coat buttoned up.
 In addition i have done a couple of conversions, initially i was going to use them as deserters then felt they may be carrying too much kit, so now I will use them just as variants. Question is are they good enough to sell? If so will sell as individual pieces.
Finally coming soon! Using the same dollies to keep scale but a different sculptor I am going to release some other units for the 1740's period. These are the Fusiliers de Morliere. Once the command is done they will be made available. No time scale on these new pieces
Richard is cracking on with the British Dragoons and I think the dismounted figures are going to be something rather special.