Firing line

Firing line

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Government Infantry available to Pre.order.

I attach some pictures of some of my completed Government infantry marching.
I apologise for the quality.
I'm expecting production moulds and stock to be completed within a couple of weeks therefore this weekend I will be putting the Government troops on the web shop to pre.order. As a thankyou for those that order there will be a 10% discount on the figure pack prices.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Progress report on the Crann Tara British/Government Ifantry for the Jacobite rebellion

I've started painting some of the British Infantry Richard has sculpted for my Jacobite range
Here's a progress shot, poor photo due to weird lighting today.
I've started on the Grenadiers and the Command for the marching troops and then the firing line.

Griffin have started work on the production moulds so they should be in stock shortly

Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Gallowglass ready

I am pleased to say that the first set of six Gallowglass for the Border Reiver and Irish wars are now ready.
I have painted a full set up, all open handed to take either the mean looking axes or pike depending on your fancy.
They will be in the shop over the weekend.
Sculpted by Martin Baker he has aimed to make them fit in with the current range.
I will be taking some comparison shots later. Nice for the Irish to get some big lads!
Next up will be a pack of Gallowglass advancing/attacking.