Firing line

Firing line

Friday, 17 January 2014

First set of Government Troops on their way

Richard has been busy and he has sent me the pictures of the first sets of greens he has completed for the Government troops.
In my opinion some of his best work to date.

We have firing line and marching figures in campaign and regulation uniform with command to match.

There will be more to come with a third pose for the firing line and troops with hat brims turned down.
In the mean time here's the pics.

The marching command figure with the overcoat looks like he's feeling the cold. As soon as I've received them they will be off to Griffin for master and production moulds to be made.

In the meantime better clear the painting desk ready for these chaps.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hoka Hey Wargaming

It would be wrong of me not to give a little plug for my partner in crime Alan.
He has a new blog
and a website
where he advertises his home made terrain. Prices are very reasonable and worth a look at the wide range of stuff he makes.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Web Shop Updated

Just a short note to say that the update of the webshop is now complete. All the 40mm ranges are now listed.
The figures listed are those we have the moulds for,there are a couple of omissions compared to the old site some of these were production moulds that Steve is looking for, others were figures that were put into a master moulds but never released, he's looking for these as well so we can get them in production asap.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

York Show and Figure Orders

We are not able to get a stand at this years York show.
However for anyone wishing to place an order for collection please head over to the shop, it gives details of a coupon code to enter to ensure postage is discounted.
I will be hanging around with Trevor and Paula on the Coritani/Magnetic Bases stand and will sweet talk them for orders to be collected from there.

I will put up shortly a list of shows we will be attending either as trader or visitor for people to place orders.
I will be going to Salute as a visitor but will ensure we get something special sorted for that show for anyone placing orders for collection.