Firing line

Firing line

Monday, 30 December 2013

General Update

Hope you have all had a great Christmas and getting ready for the New Year.
Time to post a quick update re the ranges.

Graven Images

The stock of Disturbia figures we have is now listed in the shop and are being sold at the 2007 prices!
The Cliffhangar and Gotterdammerung ranges should be on by the weekend. Don't forget these two ranges will be cast to order.

 Border Reivers

The Greens for the standing Gallowglass will be on their way to me shortly, 6 different figures followed by 6 more advancing/attacking.

Jacobite Rebellion

Richard has started work on the cast dollies, after some discussion we have decided to release the Government firing line first, 3 poses - at the ready, charge your bayonet and standing firing. Grenadiers and hat men. Hat men will be in regulation dress and campaign dress. A further set will be released later campaign dress but with hat brims turned down. Command for the above will also be available. There will also be some marching figures to be sculpted but these will be in the next set of sculpts.

So all in all could get off to a busy start of the year.

I have also listed some lovely Elizabethan flags we have in stock from Pete's flags and I also have the Jacobite and Royal Eccosse sets from Iain at Flags of War. There are also Clan and Regimental deals to be had under the Special Offers tab in the shop.

Whilst I dont have a trade stand at York if anyone wants an order to avoid postage let me know asap and I can bring it with me for collection there.

Finally all the best for the New Year.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Crann Tara to produce Graven Images 40mm ranges

I am pleased to say that Alan(Hoka Hey wargames) and I have reached agreement with Steve from Monolith designs to start producing the 40mm (1/48th) figures he sold under the Graven Images label.
First to be released are Cliff Hanger (characters and warriors from TV and Cinema sci fi- Gorrilla warriors, Flash Gordon etc) and Gotterdamerung ( WWII meets the occult so we have standard Russian,German and British troops and then throw in Zombies, vampires, werewolves etc)
I shall be listing these ranges in the shop over the festive break, initially they will be cast to order so please allow 21 days for delivery. If sales are ok Steve has a large number of masters we would like to get in to production.
We also have a limited stock of some figures from the Disturbia range (Sandmen, Ju-Ju warriors and very nasty scarecrows) I will also be listing these. They will be sold at the 2007 price and when they've gone that's it.

Have a look at the photos below, a lot of the Gotterdamerung figures are standard WWII chaps and can be used for skirmishing - for me the Warriors of Mongo look like a promising diversion!!!!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Web shop updated

Just a note to highlight the we shop has been updated.
I have had to increase the Jacobite figure pack prices by 0.50p for standard packs and 0.25p on command packs.
However to go someway to offset this I have now created regimental and clan packs which means you effectively get 24 figures including command and the command are free.
There's also a 'fiery cross ' deal which sees you getting 100 figures for £110 .
These can be found under the special deals tab. There's more to come with even larger discounts.
I have also listed the excellent Jacobite flags by 'Flags of  War' and the start of a range of Elizabethan flags by 'Pete's flags' both ranges worth checking.

Also coming shortly Martin of Warbases has caught the Reiver bug and is in the process of  creating a  Bastle House. We hope to be stocking this shortly.