Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Test Casting done - Figures available to buy

Alan and I did all the test spins last night, spot on no problems so as a result of that all the figures are now listed in the shop
Alan will be updating his shop this week also

We have put up some great deals on multiple packs on the site just click on the special deals/offers tabs.
any problems just e.mail me.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Better Photos

I realised that the pictures I put up weren't that great so here's some better ones which show the figures off far more.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Crann Tara Miniatures Expands into Reiver Country,

 I am really pleased to inform people that together with Alan from Hoka Hey wargames 
we have purchased The Border Reiver range sculpted by the late Jim Bowen and once sold by Monolith under their Graven Images label.

Over the coming weeks I will be listing the figures on the Crann Tara shop, what is a surprise is that there are many figures that have never been released (almost 100) and Jim was obviously extending this into the Elizabethan Wars in Ireland of which there are also a  lot of figures.

We are in talks with a sculptor who we feel complements Jims style with a view to extending the Reiver range by adding some more characters such as Hounds Master, Hunters etc.and completing the Irish with cavalry and galloglass.
Comments regards other figures people would like to see would be appreciated.

I've also started work on some skirmish rules to go with the range so fingers crossed.

We plan on having the figures released in time for Smoggycon on the 23rd November and to be fully listed on the web shop by the month end.
In the mean time here's a few pics.

Auld Wat

Broken Men

Garrison Men Pike Level

Garrison Men Pike Marching

Irish Command

Irish Kern - Arquebus

Irish Kern -Javelin

The Reivers

The Bishop

Garrison Men - Bow

Irish Foot - Harquebus

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

More progress :) work on Government Troops

Richard  has been in touch to say he hopes to be able to start on the dollies for the Government troops  and the Irish Piquets in the next couple of weeks.
This will mean once they are done we can plan in to have the troops sculpted and the work will be quicker, it also means I can increase the variety.
First up will be the Government troops in campaign dress, turn backs unbuttoned, some with tricornes some with Tricorne turned down.
Marching and a firing line of standing firing and 'charge bayonet' , because of taking this route it also means I can get the Government troops in regulation dress completed as well.
Still giving thoughts to the Irish Piquets but they won't be far after.
Richard is also sculpting a mounted Dollie and some more dynamic poses for either skirmishing troops or the dismounted Government Dragoons.
Things are looking good.
Now all I need to do is sell some figures to pay for this!