Firing line

Firing line

Monday, 5 August 2013

New Greens finished and on their way

Been a long time coming but the new greens are done and on their way to me.
First up are the new Highlanders, a couple of firing figures,Officers and a piper.
 Then we have the Royal Ecossais I think the Officer is in a brilliant pose.
 Finally some lowlanders, in the short term Highland Officers will have to stand in.
Overall 13 new figures doubles the range!! I will start to update the web shop over the next couple of weeks. I guess it will be around 3 -4 weeks before I have moulds made and figures cast etc. But keep checking here and the shop for progress and updates.


  1. Excellent news. Hopefully you will be at Colours in September with some of these. On the Royal Eccossais will you have separate bags for the marching and advancing figures?


  2. Guy,
    Colonel Bill stocks the figures so hopefully he will have some in stock. The poses will be in separate packs and I will be having a post free promotion upon their release so hopefully either way you will be happy

  3. The new figures look very nice. Nice to see someone making the Royal Ecossais at last.

  4. Highlanders wearing trews can also be used in your Lowland regiments.

  5. Jim, that was my thinking! The Royal Ecossais I have wanted for so long.

  6. Graham,
    Excellent news. Will your Royal Ecossais Command pack have two Standard bearers? Just planning my future purchases!

    Mark Moriarty

  7. Mark, still playing around with mould contents, but I would like to think I can do the French command pack with an Officer, drummer and two standard bearers.

  8. Graham,
    Sounds fantastic. You probably figured my troops will be pulling double duty with Frank's SYW. And I can see a lowlander or two making it into my AWI regiments.

    Look forward to the Government troops when they come around. I will have to paint up the 27th Foot.


  9. Excellent. A Jacobite rebellion range I can build on. I've got Highlanders from Colonel Bills and look forward to building the rest of the range as they are released. Are you considering a separate weapons pack by any chance as I would like to arm more of my Highlanders with a higher ratio of muskets.

    1. I think I will have to get a weapons mould made as there are quite a few requests for more muskets.
      I will look at getting this done once I have the new releases out.

  10. lovely, on my Christmas list!


  11. Matt,
    I hope Christmas comes early:) busy painting the samples whilst waiting for the production models.