Firing line

Firing line

Thursday, 31 January 2013

What To Do - The Future isn't Bright

Yesterday I received a long e.mail from Richard, firstly apologising for his lack of communication (which given his current circumstances is understandable), but more importantly stating he has put all his projects on hold!
He is effectively acting as a full time carer for his mother and says that all sculpting has effectively stopped and that even when he has time he finds he hasn't the energy to do professional sculpting justice.
This is a major blow for me and whilst he hasn't given up he has put the project on hold with no ability to predict when he can start again.
This leaves me with a predicament of what to do;-

I can sit tight and just wait - bearing in mind the project was for me originally.
I can look for some alternative sculptors - I have made some tentative enquiries but I'm not yet convinced they can match Richard's style.
I can look to sell up and possibly start all over again.
None of the decisions are easy to take as I have spent a bit of money on the project etc and have money set aside to continue the range but equally I don't just want the money to be sitting doing nothing.
Any thoughts?


  1. That's not good news. If i were you i'd talk to Andrew Stadden (i think of Richard's recent work as 'modern Staddens' so AS seems the obvious choice). (Hopefully slight) differences in style could be minimised by employing the new sculptor on new troop types (Govt forces maybe) and leaving any further highlanders for Richard as and when. Just a thought....

  2. Well I have only bought a few packs from you but I I had definately hoped to buy many more as and when the range expands. I have always treated my foray in the '45 as along term project and therefore personally I would be prepared to give him a bit more time and allow his home circumstances to sort themselves out. Family and stress often need this to resolve. If he could possibly give you hope that he would restart in say 3-6 months then I would hold fire and not jump to another sculptor.