Firing line

Firing line

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Web Shop now open

Well in anticipation of the next sets of new figures I thought it may be easier for people if I opened a web shop.
The decision was the easy part, I'm not usually thick but I have to say that I found the setting up of this piece of modern day technology not that easy and if it hadn't been for Iain from Flags of War I would most probably sill be sitting there trying to work out how everything was supposed to come together.
The site still needs a little bit of tweaking but the cart and everything else appears to be working, so please have a look and let me know what you think and as usual I'm open to suggestions.
The blog will remain in order to discuss in more detail what's happening and to listen to comments and ideas for the future.
Speaking of which I know Richard was running slightly behind his sculpting schedule but I'm hoping he will have started on my next set by now and you will receive the updates as they come to me.

The shop can be found at
and this will appear in the links on the blog.
Thanks again.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Pipeline and painted figures

For those people who have been in touch regarding future figures etc may I thank you.
Having given a lot of thought and for a change a little bit of business sense then in terms of future releases after the next set of sculpts I will definately be asking Richard to sculpt the Government foot.

There's a couple of reasons behind this, first the economical one in that hopefully I will sell more of these figures and those funds will contribute towards the horse to be sculpted later.

Second I am not aware of anyone who does the Government foot in campaign dress and to that end I think these figures will be a great addition and provide a slightly different view to the battlefield.

Whilst it is unfair to try and pin Richard down to set time scales I am hopeful the Government foot may just squeeze in by the end of the year.

This will leave 2013 for the horse, artillery crews, Personalties etc.

I have painted a handful of the figures in Jackets, that's i between trying the patience of Iain from Flags of War who is helping me set up a web shop.

The pics below show those figures together with a very humble start to the gathering.

I have also (due to demand) asked Richard to sculpt a couple of Highlanders firing for release in the next set.
So thanks again to all those who have supported this little project.