Firing line

Firing line

Sunday, 22 July 2012

What Next? and thoughts for the future

I have just finished e.mailing Richard as to my thoughts for the next set of sculpts, as previously mentioned it will be Highland command, Lowlanders and Royal Ecosse.

Butw where to go after that? My initial thoughts was to press on and do the Jacobite Cavalry, Baggots, Fitzjames, Lowland and Lifeguard and if so what pose at rest or full of action? but I am also tempted to make a start on the Government troops.

I have decided to get the Government troops in campaign dress - no turnbacks. That way I'm not competing with Frank at Minden and it complements his range. Also the question is what pose? My thoughts were to do a firing line and an advancing figure?

So what are your thoughts on the subject?, Can I thank those individuals who have been in correspondence with me and provided more info or links. In particular thanks to Ian, (hope you've got your figures).

As a result of his e.mail when i do get Baggots Hussars sculpted I'm going to see about seperate heads, one with the more common mini fur cap but the other with the tartar head gear.

Anyway which way to go Jacobite Cavalry or Government Infantry and what pose.


  1. I'd like to see infantry first in firing poses. Then advancing infantry and cavalry.

  2. Graham

    you would not be competing with Mindens range in the 45 as the Government uniform has larger cuffs and cuff and sleeve lace, the belts are different as is the pouch. The officers and NCOs uniforms also differ.

    I can help if you need some research done.