Firing line

Firing line

Sunday, 7 October 2018

A short update

A quick thanks for all the pre.orders for the new Saxon figures. 

They have sold well. I am up to date now with all outstanding orders and next week I shall be away until the 18th visiting my son in Chicago and as good as my wife is packing toy soldiers is not high on her agenda :)

When I return the Saxon packs will  be added to the store. I also have two new projects in the pipeline both of which I am extremely excited about and I shall announce them before Christmas. I am also hopeful that Andy will be on with the second wave of Saxons before too long. His wife has been seriously ill and quite rightly he has taken some time out to care for her.

The Saxon rapid fire gun is now almost ready for production

The gun will be provided with two barrels a plain one and the one above with the dolphins - hopefully not too far away.

So watch this space for some exciting news.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

New Saxons - where are we - an Update

I thought it was about time I gave an update on the production of the new Saxon range.

First all the musketeers and Grenadiers have had production moulds made and I've received around 19 kilos of figures ( that's  a lot!)

The production moulds for the command and artillery are being made now and should be ready in about two weeks so I intend to send out all the infantry and artillery figures for the orders received so far - army deals therefore will go out as a split order.

I'm hoping that the cavalry will be ready in about 4 weeks - as you recall we made a mistake and made the figure with a sabreteche - it has been changed- however that does mean I have cuirassiers that will serve as Prussians  and so I will be putting charging Prussian cuirassiers on the site when they are available.

Also progress on the Saxon rapid firing cannon - the first 3D print has been done, there is some cleaning up to do and a few tweaks but we are nearly there, really pleased. You will see there are two barrels - Christain Rogge who has been a great help on this project as has Dr. Stephen Summerfield says its unclear if the barrel had dolphins or not so we've done both. Next step once the tewaks are done if to get a metal master cast.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Saxon Artillery

A bit of a sneak peek this one. Griffin JJP Ltd who do my mould making and casting are just venturing into the 3D design market.

I have been working closely with them over the last week to look at making some artillery pieces for the Saxons and my British.

Here's a couple of wip screen shots of the Saxon 'rapid fire' cannon.
There are tweaks to be made and of course the 'T' handle at the rear will be hanging down as it was chain.
 I've been liaising with Dr. Stephen Summerfield over this and I'm pretty comfortable that we are almost there.

The dimensions are spot on and the cannon will suffice for the 3 or the 6 pounder as the barrels were only a couple of cms different which in this scale isn't noticeable.

Really looking forward to seeing this produced.

British light and field 12 pounders I hope to be next.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

At last - Saxons and a special pre.order offer

Well sometimes its better late than never and I have waited quite a while for these chaps.
Anyway the first wave of Saxons arrived today - still with a couple of niggles but of that later.

I'm really pleased with these and following a closer inspection etc. they will be off to Griffin on Monday.

A couple of 'mistakes'! before people shout in  - the artillery crew hats have pom poms on and they shouldn't they should all be cockades these will be cast as is ( could pass as Prussians?) and the production casts altered to have the cockades.

The Cuirassiers - Dr. Summerfields book describes the headwear as having pom poms for this period but all his plates etc show the Officers with cockades - so again these will be altered before full production.
Frustrating I know but these things happen!

In terms of the Grenadiers from my information at this time (mid 1740's) the Grenadier Officers wore tricorn?
Unless I'm advised accordingly this will remain as is although I may still convert one to see what he looks like. A grenadier drummer will be converted before production.

Anyway onto the pics.


 Standard bearer
 Artillery crew
 Cuirassier command

 Trooper walking

 Figures charging
 Troopers charging

The next figures are a bonus and were commission pieces for a couple of customers anyway I have decided to make them available and they would be suitable for French or Austrian?

Finally I hope to get the Saxons on the shop this weekend but initially they will be available as pre.order units

A unit of Infantry or cavalry (24 infantry or 12 cavalry incl. command) will attract a 10% discount
A brigade of Infantry or Cavalry ( 3 units of infantry or Cavalry will attract 15%)
A Saxon army -3 Brigades of infantry 1 brigade of cavalry and a battery of guns (3 pieces) will attract 20%
Finally another Cuirassier Officer is being made in a slightly more dynamic pose is being made and any one who buys a unit or more of Cuirassiers will receive the new Officer free.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

From famine to feast _ new releases a plenty

It's been some while since I posted anything and I apologise but hopefully over the next few weeks there will be quite a few things of interest.

A nice bundle of new releases will be appearing in the shop over the next couple of days.
The long awaited Mousquetaires of the Guard including my much wanted vignette which I think Andy Stadden has done a first class job

Then we have the marching Spanish Grenadier

The long awaited French Dragoon command - both the Grenadier and the command are sculpted by John Dougan

Then there is also another favorite of mine the ADC

He's on one of the new charging heavy horses and he would most probably sit better on a light.

A mounted Officer suitable for French or Savoia
I've also been doing quite a few conversions for customers for their imagi-nation armies - some of these may find their way to the shop- not decided yet:)

Hopefully the Saxons wont be too far behind.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Your opinion matters

Sorry for the lack of updates - next week I shall post some photos of the Musquetaires which will be going to Griffin next week for casting.

However I need your views - the first part of the Saxons will be ready very shortly and I am considering offering some pre.order incentives.
The first releases will be musketeers and command, Grenadiers, Cuirassiers and artillery crews.
I am considering offering unit packs (24 inf or 12 cav ) incl. command at 10% discount.
Then Brigade packs ( 3 inf or 3 cavalry units) and finally army packs ( 3 brigades and a battery of 3 guns and crew) at an increasing discount.
These would be available to order until the figures were in production
Thoughts please

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Chasseurs De Fischer Infantry

Just finished basing the Chasseurs de Fischer infantry, painted for me by Steve Allen and due to see action shortly.