Firing line

Firing line

Monday, 21 November 2016

Battleground Show

This weekend sees my last show of the year at Stockton
organised by Pendraken Miniatures I think its a fine show to see the year out 30+ traders and a some good looking games.

If we could stop the wargames show early afternoon drift it would be excellent.
If you're going pop by for a chat, if you're not then you should be :)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Forthcoming shows and next sculpts.

Time for a short update, I have two shows in November, the first will be Targe at Kirriemuir on the 12 th. November and the second is Battleground at Stockton on the 26th November.

On the shop I'm offering pre.order coupons for both shows with 10% discount on orders placed for over £25.

I always encourage people to,place pre.orders it does stop disappointment as whilst I take the full range it's only limited stock.
Otherwise I look forward to meeting some of you 😄

Finally new sculpts will be started by Richard in December which with luck may just make their appearance in small numbers at Salute. These will be early French Hussars ( Mounted and dismounted),French artillery crew and either Colonels or the British Horse.

and yes I've been notified that I'm in at Salute great :)


Friday, 30 September 2016

Scots Greys and what's next

For those that follow my Scotia Albion blog you will know I had to prepare a full regiment of  Scots Grey's for the Battle of Rocoux last weekend.
Here they are in their glory.

The good news is that I did two conversions for the standard bearer, one got painted for the regiment the other chap will be going to Griffin for production.

So whilst on the whats coming - in terms of conversions there's a British Fusilier at ready with fusilier cap, three british infantry manning gun ( for the battalion guns). The Savoia Grenadier marching and the generic 18th century line marching will also make a delayed appearance. with luck I'm also converting some figures for Highland cavalry - hope they work!

Richard should be available for my next set around November - these will be French artillery, early French Hussars mounted and dismounted and some other pieces I haven't determined.

This means the Saxons should be coming around May/June next year and I'm planning something special for this -no not kickstarter.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

New figures in stock and available

The new releases for the Jacobite Rebellion are now available ( Marines are on pre.order) to order from the shop.
The Ligonier figure was a commission and is only available in a limited quantity.
Sculpted by Richard Ansell I think these are some of his best to date.

Also appearing in ther shop over the next few days will be the Savoia grenadier marching and the 'generic' 18th century musketeer ( I'm using him for Dutch) sculpted by John Dougan.
All of these will be available at the Partizan show on the 21st August ( with the exception of the Marine)

Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Other Partizan and some new pics

I shall be attending the Other Partizan on the 21st August at Newark Showground with a small game and a trade stand.
If you want anything please pre order if you use the code Partizan17 get 10% discount.
All my new releases and Jim's Hessians will be there.
In the meantime here's some pics of the Royal Italien and Perigord regiments painted by Steve Allen and flags by GMB

John Dougan also sent me some photos of his Savoia artillery which he has sculpted and painted and which also make nice NCO's

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

New Artwork for website etc.

Chris Gregg, wargamer and professional artist has been busy doing some work for me as I would like to create some new banners for the website, business cards flyers etc.
Below is one part of the work he has been doing and I am very pleased with the results.
There may be some tweaks to be made but start to watch out for some changes.

Chris' pen and ink drawings and his oil paintings are very good and very reasonably priced. If you've ever thought of commissioning a piece of historical artwork then look no further.

He also runs a very good wargaming blog

Saturday, 25 June 2016

New Greens and coming soon

Received the new greens from Richard.
What more can I say - I'm pleased.
First up the personalities
The Young Pretender looking suitably noble

 The Duke of Perth

 Lord George Murray

 Ligonier - my favourite British General of the time. This was commissioned ! by a colleague and will therefore be limited to around 30-40 casts.
 First up the long awaited British Artillery crew including a marching figure which I wanted
 Jacobite artillery crew - dressed for the Duke of Perth's regiment or representing British deserters.
There's also a couple of standing highlanders which can serve as gunners
 A French Officer in overcoat ( artillery officer?)
Finally British Marines :)

Finally a couple of  figure conversions first a 'generic' musketeer and a Savoia grenadier marching all good I hope